Ever wondered if hair loss treatments such as caffeine shampoo

biotin and saw palmetto actually work? Well, according to MENSCRIPT, an online health clinic specialised in offering online hair loss treatments in the United Kingdom, they don’t.

Annoyed by all the false advertisements, the company chose to analyse almost every single hair loss treatment out there. From medical treatments such as finasteride and minoxidil to cosmetics and machines such as caffeine shampoo, biotin and low light laser therapy. They are all included.

The end result is their “male hair loss treatment guide”. It provides an overview of all hair loss treatments they’ve analysed, along with a short summary of their findings for each. Included is an assessment report where every treatment is labelled as either effective or ineffective.

While reading the guide, you quickly realise that this company took their responsibility seriously. And they don’t beat around the bush, either. They tell you exactly how many scientific papers they used and whether the studies are reliable or just straight-up bullshit.

Regarding caffeine shampoo for example, they found that most studies were paid for by the manufacturer. Something that seems to happen quite frequently since both Saw Palmetto and Viviscal had studies going for them that were also paid for by the manufacturer.

The full analysis report can be found on via male hair loss treatment guide